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What is Landscape & Turfs Engineer 40 Hrs ?

It is a comprehensive and integrated professional training course dedicated to develop the supervisors (engineers) of Landscape & Turfs for a period of 40 hours, in order to qualify for the Job of a Landscape & Turfs Engineer to acquire the skills necessary to supervise Landscape & Turfs operations professionally.

It is a professional training course to qualify the agricultural engineer as a “Certified Landscaping Engineer” ( CLE ) .The training course consists of six training units, 20 sessions and 20 quizzes after each session.

Course Outcomes :
1) Introducing the agricultural engineer to the types and designs of gardens
2) To provide the engineer with the skills of operations and maintenance activities
3) To provide the agricultural engineer with the skills of supervising the teams to increase the productivity and the professionalism of the operation
4) Providing the engineer with skills and knowledge of the relationship of project management and landscaping

Training duration : 30 hours
Training type : Landscape & Turfs Qualification
Mode of training : Online & Onlcass training
Training Code : LS201 ADVANCE

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