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Pest control Safety (Advance) is the course published for Pest control engineers and all interested and operating and supervising people in Pest control. The course focuses on how to identify the Pesticides’ hazards during Pest control operations and the effective control methods to prevent and manage pesticides’ problems.


  1. The trainee shall gain skills on how to identify Pesticide hazards during the Pest control operations and inside the Pest control vehicle or the store.
  2. The trainee shall recognize the definitions, terms, and pictograms of Pest control safety.
  3. Skills of how to control and manage the hazards of Pesticides shall be acquired.
  4. Skills of how to practice first aid effectively shall be gained.

Two-languages : (ENGLISH/ARABIC)

  1. The learning material of this course shall be English text and Arabic narration.
  2. Two languages can learn you the English terms of Pest control safety easily.


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