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Overview :

It is a Professional course dedicated to the Pest control supervisors who are going to plan and supervise the Fumigation operations and also licensing (Approval) the Pest control company for fumigation process activity in the UAE. FU201 is an integrated course since it orients and increases the knowledge and skills of the Pest control engineer or supervisor in the fumigation process five knowledge areas which include store pest’s biology, fumigants & fumigation equipment, fumigation techniques, safety in the fumigation process, and fumigation process management. The emphasis of the course is on how to plan and supervise fumigation operations properly, safely, and effectively and leading the fumigation process team in different facilities (food stores, ships & vessels, etc).

Outcome :

  1. The course emphasizes learning the Planning and supervising the Fumigation operations
  2. Fumigation process knowledge areas include Pre-, during and Post fumigation treatments 
  3. The pest control supervisor shall acquire the skills of inspection in the infested facility
  4. Skills of how to manage pest control teams shall be learned.
  5. The supervisor will easily be appointed to the approved fumigation and licensed pest control company.

 Course duration:

 14 Hours

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