Ecopest’s Professional Services

1. Professional Training Services :

a. Pest Control Training This service is available in 3 ways: 1. on-class training ,2. online live class using zoom or other and 3. recorded training courses available in the website platform. The customer can request to customize the training. Ecopest focuses on structural Pest control Agricultural, food and health and safety training categories.
b. Agricultural Training
c. Food Safety Training
d. Health and Safety Training

2. Certification Exams Services :

a. Pest Control Exams This is a certification exam service for the people who are seeking personnel licensing in Pest control, agriculture, food safety or Health and safety careers. ADQCC Pest control exams are available from Saturday to Thursday in our Test Centre located in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi UAE. Ecopest’s Test center is authorized by Pearson VUE .
b. Agricultural Exams
c. Food Safety Exams
d. Health And Safety Training Exams

3. Consultancy Services :

a. Business Proposal Service (agric.& pest control) If you need to establish company in pest control or start business of farming Ecopest is capable to provide simple plan about how to start and the needs and tips from (A to Z). Also Ecopest designs technical manual about how to operate your business such manuals as termites, fumigation, or farms technical manual ..etc. Further Ecopest can develops policies and procedures for the governmental departments in Pest control, agricultural or any environmental departments. Designing of training or exams for governmental or training centers are also can be designed according to request.
c. Pest control Manual Designing
d. Pest Control Policies’ Designing
e. Agricultural Training Designing
f. Agricultural Exams Designing

4. Pest Inspection Services :

a. Facility Pest Inspection This service to check about pests or viruses available for different facilities specially as food processing units and shall provide manager with standard Pest and hygienic status Report with recommendations  .
b. Farm Pest Inspection This service to check about pests or diseases in crops farm problems and shall provide farm managers with standard Pest and hygienic status Report with recommendations.
c. Wide Area Pest Inspection This service to check about pests or viruses available in large areas such as districts and towns and focusing in the outdoor areas  processing units and shall provide authorities with standard Pest and hygienic status Report with recommendations  .

5. Translation Services :

a. Scientific Research Translation Service This service focusses on translation technical documents (research papers, manuals ,etc.)
b. Book & Manual Translation services Ecopest can translate your manual or book professionally.
c. Brochure Translation Services Ecopest translate the Brochure to Multilanguage’s

6. Software & Website Designing Services :

a. Pest Control Website Designing Ecopest design and develop Pest control website of farming website to allow your services accessible and interactive to your audience
b. Pest Control Software Designing Pest control operations software shall be customized to your company operation
c. Pest Control Marketing Service Software Marketing and promotion your Pest control services can be managed by ecopest using different types of tools to develop and increase customers
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